One inalienable right and privilege everyone has, In every nation recognized and accepted into the fold of the United Nations is the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes one’s freedom to hold opinions without interference, intimidation and pressure, and to seek and demand , receive and spread,  transmit,  and impart information and ideas through any media and irrespective of frontiers.
DCF Global Reporters, owned by DCF Global Reporters Nig. Ltd, an independent media arm of Diamond-Crest for Youth Education Foundation, is a general and online news platform poised with objective and innovative news gathering,  and dissemination, made possible by a community of committed reporters and social advocates correcting every instance of misinformation and upholding patriotism.  It is about telling it as it in a responsible, professional,  educative,  and entertaining way from a Nigerian-African perspective. DCF Global Reporters is conceived and founded in line with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is comprised of ordinary and common people with an inspiring and challenging commitment to seeking the truth, discovering the truth,  and publishing and disseminating the truth for the purposes of the greater good,  without minding whose ox is gored.
Our website: dcfreporters.com is created to bring innovation into general and online journalism and reportage. It is open and accessible to individuals and members of the public in general and the news industry in particular.
Without adopting any political stand, we remain neutral and objective in our reportage on issues of corruption,  governance,  ethno-religious and cultural issues, and diplomatic and inter-governmental affairs .
We are ever committed in promoting the democratic principles in our constitution and all global citizenship ideals.
We are here to serve.  Your support will help us serve humanity better.
Gideon I Onyedi, the Founder and President of Diamond-Crest for Youth Education Foundation,  a Pan-Nigerian Organization, is the Founder/Publisher  of DCF Global Reporters.
Pastor Gideon I Onyedi,  a graduate of English attended Abia State University,  and Ahmadu Bello University.  He is a research student of The University of Nicosia.
Pastor Gideon Onyedi is an educationist, essayist,  and a counsellor.
Since 2008, he has been involved in transformative projects. He  organizes and convenes internationally recognized Annual All-Stakeholders’ Strategy Conferences on Education, Leadership and National Development  in  Nigeria, through his Foundation, Diamond-Crest Foundation for Youth Education.