By Gideon I. Onyedi.

It is obvious today, that Africa has tales of misery and woes to tell on account of a deliberate mistake and flawed judgment made in a state of madly selfish and inexcusably inconsiderate ‘sanity’. Rationalised sanity. Supremacist sanity. Distorted notional sanity. Sanity in perspective. Sanity of perspective. Africa has lost precious souls. Innocent souls. To the hands of brutality, rivalry, and all forms and levels of violence, on account of that lopsidedly celebrated ‘blood-sucking’ sanity.  With the ever rending dirge…

…‘‘Who cares? It is Africans Killing Africans’’.

The wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Sudan. The agitations and restiveness, and full scale civil war in Nigeria. Remember the civil war that claimed over 3 million Biafran/Igbo lives. A people and region reputed to be one of the most peaceful before and after colonial rule.  A needless war in the first place, but necessary or necessitated owing to obvious eternally irreconcilable fundamental differences and interests. A war fuelled by ethno-religious monstrosity, politics and economic greed. A ravaging war wastefully waged to assuage the conscienceless interest, keep the blood-sucking legacy and massage the ego of some colonial masters, of Britain, the foremost country of colonial masters. Permit me to say, from a bleeding heart, from a heart that has known a million sorrows from a million deaths; a heart that fears for the ethnic nationalities around; a heart that wonders if the blood of my people, of Africans, is really worth protecting, that these colonial masters and Britain are ‘Great’ in promoting their own interests even at the death of a whole race. And that very purposefully. In spite of deceitful embellishments and brandishing.

If the colonialist were human enough; if he still had some conscience; If he still had the God essence left in me, albeit negligible in proportion; If he still had the sense to perceive and behold the wailing of the helpless and the orphan, he would, for shame, for sanity, and for redemption, seek restitution and requital; for therein lies the essence and substance of leadership. Transformative leadership and global citizenship ideals.

Exposition about Africa as a blood stream created by the colonial master will remain ever inconclusive without a mention of the historical Belgian massacre in the Congo under King Leopold II, as well as the global-indicting genocide in Rwanda, a former colony of the same Belgium after Germany.

Apart from the horrors perpetrated in the Congo, where the self-acclaimed civilised world, in the mixed but deadly manner of a ‘self-righteous’ ‘civilised savage’,  precipitated a savagery unimaginable and unexpected of a loudmouthed self-acclaimed custodian of civilisation, both the Germans and the Belgians showed that colonial masters came to sow the abominable seeds of discord and create the enabling environment for a free flow of blood in precarious Africa by encouraging and deepening a comparatively hitherto non-significant ethnic rivalry between the Hutus and the Tutsis. And Rwanda had its 800,000 lives sacrificed to a subtle ideological ‘colonial invasion’, manipulation, conspiracy, and policy of preference.

The much earlier events of savagery in the Congo, on the one hand, and the unprecedented ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, on the other hand, both of totalitarian proportion in butchery,  prove inexorably that even where blood was not meant to flow, the colonial master was poised to make or watch it flow. The colonial master was determined to make Africa a reservoir for blood-sucking vampires of the dark places.

While the massacre, inspired by the colonialist’s-festered hatred and Washington’s taciturnity lasted, the helpless cried. The defenceless wailed. The unarmed helplessly and desperately lifted their fatigued supplicating hands in last second, last breadth resignation to ‘fate’, as they were confronted by their blood-thirsty assailants, but went unattended to, unanswered, and they, unsaved. Their wailing, gasping souls were tiresomely and savagely severed from the bodies in anguish. Their mangled, trampled flesh, once beautiful and velvet, now left for the vultures and strange dark birds of the world and hell to feast on as God-forsaken sacrifices for the western world and ‘empty’ agents of self-serving civilisation.  They lived less than humans. They died worse than dispensable whining hopeless ‘monkeys’. To the colonial masters, it was just “AFRICANS KILLING AFRICANS”.

They died because no one cared. They died because their blood seemed to be needed to irrigate the diplomatic field of the West and African war lords. They died because their lives were worthless. And they were Africans whose politics and existence were manipulated and determined for them by a stranger millions of miles away from them.

While the number of deaths rose, the world looked away. While their blood flowed, the colonial masters and custodians of civilisation feigned ignorance. While they were being maimed, raped, orphaned, widowed and pillaged, the United Nations, led by the colonial masters, became united in conspiratorial delay and silence. Until almost a million had gone. The solemn and begging question is: Did they have to be killed? Did they have to get their blood unsparingly spilled for the ‘vampires’ before the ‘civilised’ world could intervene?

And many more are still dying. Somewhere else, in Africa. In Nigeria. In Cameroun. In Sudan. Etc.

Unto golden commendation, mention must be made of a living legend. A transformational leader. An inspirational statesman with unmistakable global citizenship ideals. Paul Kagame. The role he played, devoid of ethnic colouration, during and after the most inglorious ethnic cleansing, ever stands him out as a truly educated and civilised leader, the type the world, not just Africa, needs. Since 1994, decades down, when the historic bloody fiesta ended in Rwanda, there has been no such bloodletting of that nature in that country. This is unlike other countries such as Nigeria, where ethno-religious violence and bloodletting, courtesy of colonial contraption and leadership hollowness, are the order of the day.

The point here is that without the Belgian-festered hatred and inexplicable silence and support from Washington over the role of Uganda in the massacre in Rwanda in the first place, the massacre of three months that claimed almost a million, could have been averted. As stated earlier, even where blood was not supposed to flow, the colonial master somehow ‘ensured’ it did.

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