‘THIS IS NO LOVE’ – True Gossips. Episode 1.

INTRODUCTION: You are about to go through a journey of true gossips that underscore the importance of true love and living in reality. Happy reading.


Bosede: The man asked for the dowry back because it’s not what he paid for that he got

Anita Angel: It depends, some like it fake, especially this new generation. All na wash!!! I know some men if you don’t ‘tush’ up, they go looking for it outside and come home nagging the Mgbeke wife. I have a case presently, it’s so sad. This guy ended up beating a hell of the wife just because he started testing diff apples outside from such tush ladies. ….Up to the extent that the wife just put to bed o, and added a little desired flesh from her serious ‘ lepa’ status. The husband will still nag her about it.  Something I expected him to understand that it’s just because of omugwo. But all these because of the ladies outside who put those your so called eye lashes and who knows how to ‘draw’ their faces with crayon and pencil

Bosede: I will disagree with you here.  Look very well, there is no way it will be because she doesn’t make up.  Maybe her dressing probably.  Some ladies start to forget their dressing sense as soon as they get married.

Bestman: Low Waist boys of nowadays…..they even walk out of their marriages of because of their wives orobonness….sometimes that’s a camouflage….reason may be that the girl’s parents are not ready to bring money to support them….some marry girls whose parents will give car and house during wedding

And give start-up funds

(pause)I have one now….the boy and the girl are in shouting match everyday….cos the lady has added weight.

A lady that is 26 and has three children

Bosede: Sorry am defending the men today If a lady marries a man that likes her to look good and trimmed, she should make all efforts to do it. It’s not a reason for a man to leave his wife.  All he needs to do is to encourage her to do the needful.

Bestman: When he married her, he was given 40m as in laws support….the girl was given two houses….a prado jeep and Mercedes sport…..she has a house girl, a nurse and a nanny, a driver and a cook….her mum pays for the driver…and her dad, the driver….she doesn’t cook and doesn’t know how to….the boy liked all that initially…now he’s complaining….about everything.

Now the guy doesn’t sleep with her or touch her.

Bosede: Then let her make an effort to lose the extra weights.  At least she has a man that wants her to get back in shape sef. Some men want them fat too.

Bestman: Low waist boys….will go to gym and make fake muscles….no brain….now energy to work….yet girls fall for them everyday

Bosede: This one no be marriage naa.  The man get interest.

Nnamdi: Gbam

Bosede: Wahala

Bestman: Simple and short.

Ngozi Baby: Because someone else is taking care of that need.

Bestman: This was a guy that was following the girls uncle to come to their house and suddenly wanted to marry the girl….he was reminded by his friend that his niece no be im spec as per say the guy dey like slim babes….but because he had motive he said he will manage…and that the girl will shape up….na the family money be the interest…now his eyes are open and he doesn’t want the money again but shape

Anita: Bosede, you don’t understand, she is a very good dresser, but has not started work yet, and d guy is using that to frustrate her. In her child num 3 now. You are even talking, one of the chicks is even d husband ex and this guy still maintained her even after their marriage. The chick confided in her that she was there live during their wedding

Bestman: He said he can’t handle a fat lady….and that the wife is disobedient and can’t cook…that she leaves everything to servants and he doesn’t feel romantic to touch her

Anita Angel: That is the prob. So tell me how many men want the original stuffs in women.

Bosede: It’s always the case.  When one rich man came to marry my auntie she didn’t bother about him not always around.  She had all the money to fly to any country of her choice.  But all the gold and clothes and shoes but after a few years she then realized she needed a real husband as money can’t buy you everything in life

Ngozi Baby: I guess the money isn’t flowing in anymore. This is a case of using and dumping. He’s got his fill and can’t stand her anymore.   Poor girl. But she too can make an effort to learn to cook and Meet up those expectations.

Anita Angel: Abeg, they should arrest that guy and recover their assets biko. Which can drama be day one?

Bestman: But I think the parents of the girl haven’t helped their daughter…and I told the mum so…why five persons to tend your married daughter….and you r paying them….most times they cook soup, jollof rice and take to the girls house….she can’t do anything…she wont even touch the kids…she’s doesn’t even know the name of their milk…initially they said its post natal depression….now she wants to be in charge because the parents offer her cash and sustain them

Bosede: What is she doing chatting with her husbands ex??  🏼‍♀. Does that mean she snatched the guy from the ex???  Because from your story the Ex has always been there.

Bosede: He realized rather too late. But wait ooo why can’t this girl do anything??

You see!!!  So tell me what kind of man will tolerate this for life???  Unless he wants to be the nanny then.

Bestman: She’s got stubborn about it…she said the boy knew her size before the marriage…and that she believed his drive was money….her mums relatives believe so….but her parents think she’s being proud and disrespectful…they support her husband….and even quarreled with her mum….

Anita Angel: Nooo, the lady was so frustrated that she tried cautioning the husband, no way, so she got the numbers of all d chicks from the husbands phone and tried calling them, either to warn or to beg them to pls leave her man alone. It was on d process that the chief chick told her what she least expected to hear.

Bestman: He bathes and feeds the children….

Ngozi Baby: Awww…in that case, she is inviting trouble. She needs to wake up. The parents need to stop enabling her too.

Bestman: Now he is also saying the girl wants sex every time and he can’t cope…and if he must she should trim…the girl was a virgin when she married him …and wan die for the koko.

Bosede: Is it now the parents are supporting her husband.  Why didn’t hey train up the girl well??  At the end the man will send her home to them.

Bestman: That’s the agreement now…that the parents should withdraw their patronage and allow her face the reality of marriage and live within her means….the boy now want that they relocate to the us.

Ngozi Baby: Her depression didn’t affect that ..I see.

Anita Angel: Typii case of money miss road money is not supposed to too plenty oh, if not , e go dey touch our sense organ. Check all these big neny afo juru, whenever they for a village meeting, a na ako n’elu, fa a na a ko n’ala

Bosede: Hmmmm… Calling husbands girlfriends. She no get work true true . She should face her front and look for something to do.  It must not be work.  She can start up a business no matter how small.  Even if it’s all these internet business where you have to sell a product.  She should be busy biko.

Bestman: Money should never define relationships…

Virgin girl wey want die for her discovery.

Bosede: Maybe the man could have coped if the lady fell into her place as the woman of the house.

Bestman: That two weeks after delivery she wanted samba

Think that’s also an issue…said he is not emotionally stable to play romance

Bosede: You see!!  The man even love her to give her good sex.  She should not lose what she have. Bestie, leave me ooo. Na another belle don dey call her name so. Uh, not emotionally stable? Yes because the woman is not playing her role

Ngozi Baby: People ought to date and get to know each other before getting married. Doubt that this could have helped your friend, since he had his eyes on the gold.

Bestman: For a virgin…this is her first…anything she is given will be the best….she doesn’t know two worlds…no comparison….and that’s how they get loose….if she tries it elsewhere she may discover that na the man just dey pinch am.

Bosede: No.  He had interest in everything.  If he gives her good sex and also takes care of the kids,  then he never intended to lose her.  I guess he only just wants the lady to be up and doing.

Bestman: Ngozi, let me correct the impression earlier expressed by you. He is not my friend oooo…its the girls parents that are my friends. Would anyone here send five servants to her newly married daughter….I think that’s over indulgence…its no love.

Bosede: You undermine the first time of a virgin? Do you know how many years I had sex before I found out sweetness of it?? I used to see it as an open and close affair until I met someone who changed all that.  So for her to enjoy it with her hubby even though it was her first then the man must be good at least to give her fun.

Ngozi Baby: How do you know the sex is good? Did she say so? Or is the guy just talking as a guy? I do commend him for caring for the kids. That shows commitment.

Bosede: I need to flog that her parents joor. He must be good in sex for Bestie to know since he is not his friend.

Ngozi Baby: And I mean, if they had dated for some time, he would have found out about her inability to take care of a home. Unless they did date and he didn’t care about these flaws at the time.

Bestman: Think that’s why her family is unstable….and she relishes sex….the husband doesn’t need to be good….she doesn’t want him to go anywhere….she nags….and uses sex to trap him….na macho boy….sex won’t be pleasurable if it becomes laborious and a duty.

Ngozi Baby:  Every man is a lion until you talk the wife

Bosede: Oh hooo

Ngozi Baby: Thought he isn’t touching her anymore?

Bestman: The girl na aji  shaa….never was her duty to cook in their home before marriage…schooled abroad and came back…had retinue of servants in her parents home….the servants was to close her deficiencies.

Bosede: O ga emeha voom na Anya naa, as Igbo people always say.

Anita Angel: The boy was patronizing till he started complaining that he can’t cope again….that the girl is fat and that sex ties him down….the girl doesn’t allow his friends home

Ngozi Baby: Ok. So he knew all this and still married her. Same mistake we ladies make thinking we can change our men.

Bosede: Biko, ejoor, make I do some village Waka Waka. See us much later

Bestman: He liked it initially but can’t take it again….watching as large food is brought from the girls home everyday…soup, stew, rice…despite her own cook ….the boy wants the girl cook

Anita Angel: Yes all those would be next year. The lady will do well In. Fashion industry because she has a very good dress Sense so I advised her to jump into it. But , am sorry to say that most men are so wicked. The husband is not supportive at all, but comes back home to call the lady all sorts of names just because he has sorts outside.

Ngozi Baby: Bestie, I think both of them are wrong. I could site examples where men do the cooking and caring for the kids too. U’ll say ohh that’s  for them, and it’s true. The husband  was wrong by knowingly marrying a girl that could not run a home. The girl is wrong in not endeavouring to change. Both should change.

Bestman: There are so many fake people…ladies and men….and parents wont let these children ever be independent in thought and action…we over indulge them….indulgence isn’t love….some parents that never had so called society good weddings want to use their children’s to make a point….from planning to guest list to food and what should be worn….this is no love.

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