Hope at Last: Elated and Joyous NITEL-MTEL Pensioners Commend PMB For Commencement of Payment Of Pensions B

Former staff of the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited(NITEL) and its mobile subsidiary, MTEL, have commended President Muhammadu Buhari, for approving the commencement of their pension which  was stopped since 2006.
In an on Wednesday in Abuja, Ibrahim Dasuki Nakade, National President of NITEL-MTEL Pensioners Association, lauded President Buhari’s administration for its magnanimity and obedience to rule of law.

Nakade, a former Minister of State for Information and Communications, said the pension was stopped by previous administration in 2006, adding that the Association had struggled very hard, before the intervention of the present administration that ensured that PTAD included the names of 9,200 members on its payroll.
He expressed joy that after 12 years that the payment of their pensions was stopped, members of the Association received their monthly pensions last October.

According to him, President Buhari took a bold step by restoring the names of our members on the payroll, with effect from October 2018, we have started to receive our monthly pensions.
“May I use this opportunity to thank President Buhari’s administration for taking this bold step. For 12years, previous administration refused to do justice to our case in line with extant rules.
“This is because payment of pensions is for life. We are very grateful to government for this kind gesture.”
Nakade however decried the unpatriotic activities of a splinter group called Association of Former Telecoms Employees,that took the Federal Government to court following the approval and commencement of the pension.
The former minister explained that the splinter group had demanded the payment of 25years pay-off to each NITEL-MTEL pensioner instead of monthly pension.

While explaining the grievances of the splinter group, Nakade said  “They prefer that 25years pay-off should be given to each pensioner, instead of monthly pension.
“We think this demand is unreasonable. For 12 years, we had no pension. Now that government has been kind enough to pay us, they want to impose the burden of asking for 25years pay-off from the government.
“Though the name of our Association was not mentioned in the case before the Federal High Court, but we are concerned that the decision of the court will affect us in one way or the other.
Former NITEL-MTEL pensioners across the country had gathered on Wednesday at the premises of the Federal High Court, Abuja in solidarity with the Federal Government.


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