Stop Importers From Using Nigeria As A Dumping Ground For Expired Drugs, NVMA Tells Government




The Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) has called on the government to as a matter of urgency, stop importers from using Nigeria as a dumping ground for expired and proscribed drugs.

The Association in a statement on Sunday signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Dr Gloria Daminabo, urged Nigerian public to shun the use of antibiotics as feed additives or growth boosters for their livestock.

Daminabo expressed the willingness of the Association in supporting the global efforts to curtail the menace of anti-microbial.

The body expressed concern on the health challenges posed by the high level of antimicrobial resistance across the globe, and urged various coordinating bodies to enforce the extant laws on the usage of antimicrobial while charging veterinarians and drug importers to resist the temptation of using Nigeria as a dumping ground for expired and proscribed drugs.

“Proper prescription and adherence to treatment regime with antimicrobial by veterinarians, paramedics, livestock owners and other health workers is advocated.

“The congress strongly recommends that health professionals and livestock owners should stick to appropriate and standard biosecurity measures as alternatives to antimicrobial treatment,” she said.

Speaking at the end of the Association’s Congress in Sokoto State, she said “The Congress also recommends that the government should sponsor continued surveillance  on the level of presence and resistivity of antimicrobials and antimicrobials residues in food and animal and general environmental.

“In view of this, NVMA urged the public to consul relevant professionals on antibiotics usage and adhere strictly to prescription and avoid quacks.

“Farmers and farm workers are to emphasise more on preventive measures like improved bio- security proper vaccination to reduce the incidence of infection.

The Association also called on various tiers of government to re-invest in all National Research Institutions, universities and build livestock facilities, since they account for 70 per cent of those employed in the livestock sector.

He added that livestock sector remains the pathway to wealth and out of poverty as four out of five high valued global commodities are cow milk, meat, pig and chickens.


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