Kasuwan Magani Massacre: Remote and Immediate Causes.

By DCF Crew.
The last Thursday massacre of traders and passersby on the market day in Kasuwan Magani town in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State may have come and gone, but various versions of the causes of the mayhem continue to vibrate.
The crisis which claimed 55 lives by the police record was said to have started when a thief was about to be mobbed in the market was restrained by some people who claimed that the thief was thier kinsman, and therefore, he should be left to go.
The opposing group who are mostly indigenous Adara youth did not take it lightly to allowing the thief such unwarranted freedom.
Perhaps, still fresh from similar bloody crisis in the area in February this year where scores were killed, the time for revenge apperently presented itself, and anarchy was let loose on that fateful day.
However, dead bodies that were moved and deposited at various mortuaries in Kaduna metropolis, made nonsense of police figure of 55 dead persons.
This is coming at a time Pastor W.  F.  Kumuyi, the Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry is billed for a Crusade in Kaduna on Thursday,  26th October,  2018 at Mararaban Rido, and this crisis might have already affected the preparation as it has stalled a State-wide publicity planned for 21st October.
A source said over 100 persons were killed in Kasuwan Magani on Thursday 18th October 2018.
The massacre was said to have taken  place 400 meters away from military camp without them responding immediately, a source alleged.
A remote reason for the Massacre said.
the indigenous Kaduna chief of Adara community ordered that all traditional leaders in his domain must wear traditional African symbols of royalty “The Leopard Skin” and dump the “Ara Turban”.
Fulanis and Muslims in the Kachia axis were believed to have vehemently kicked against it and attacked him openly.
“Fulani wants to force the natives to imbibe Fulani culture and not their own”. A source added.
This was even as the Fulani in the area were mounting pressure to get large land for grazing and cattle colonies.
Report from Makyali on the road to kachia LGC of the state, has it that the Agom Adara (The royal figure of the people) and his wife were kidnapped, and his orderly and four others killed on Friday 19th October 2018.
He was said to have been kidnapped while he was on his way to attend a security meeting.
The source further restated that the Operation Yaki military personnel were camped just 400m away from the market where the massacre took place but they did nothing until when the local youths regrouped, mobilized and were coming to rescue the survivors then the military stepped in to stop them from saving their people.
Also, news has it that the Adara youths could have actually fought and rescued their royal father and his family but the military won’t let them do it, raising the concern of the likelihood of the Military colluding with the offenders as earlier stated by TY Danjuma on the state of the nation.
Meanwhile Kaduna State Government has imposed Curfew in the State capital and environs following a panic unrest on Sunday, October 21, 2018.
A statement by Governor Nasir El-rufai’s media Spokesman, Samuel Aruwan said, “The Kaduna State Government today received and assessed reports of panic in Kujama, followed by Sabon Tasha and a few other places around Kaduna. Reports of the panic triggered a  considerable sense of anxiety as rumours compounded a fraught situation following the violent clashes that occurred in Kasuwan Magani on Thursday.
“The Kaduna State Government has acted to prevent this sense of panic from spreading or triggering any threat to law and order. Therefore, the state government has declared a curfew in Kaduna metropolis and its environs to manage the situation.
“Governor Nasir El-Rufai announced the curfew in a live statement broadcast on the Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC). In the statement, the governor appealed to all residents to do their best to uphold peace.
“The governor said that security agencies are taking necessary action to reassure our communities,  restore calm and uphold law and order.
“The Kaduna State Security Council will meet to review the situation on Monday, 22 October 2018. Further updates will be issued accordingly.
“The Kaduna State Government calls on all residents of the state to uphold harmony in their communities, respect the law and cooperate with security agencies to keep the peace.”

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