30 Die In A Ghastly Accident in Abia State

A tragic incident occurred this morning along Enugu-Portharcourt express way in which more than 30 people lost their lives.
The ghastly accident occurred between Isialangwa and Umuahia when two buses full of passengers had a head-on-collision that resulted in the regrettable death of the commuters.
It should be recalled that the said Enugu-Portharcourt way has remained a death-trap over the years even with various governments in power without committed and serious effort to repair the road.
The bad and deplorable nature of the road has forced motorists to use one lane mostly while plying  the express way.
Bad and deplorable roads in Nigeria have caused more deaths than many killer and terminal diseases. The inability of successive governments to fix these death-traps of roads has been blamed on corruption and nepotism.
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