I Respect PMB, But I Fear…

By Gideon I Onyedi.

It will take a man or woman devoid of proper education, character analysis, and a good sense of history to fail to appreciate something in General Muhammadu Buhari as a leader and lover of ‘his’ people….. And love for ‘your’people is not a bad thing.
Muhammadu Buhari is an unpretentious, a no hypocritical, and ever principled man. He is a true general who studies his enemy in times of war; properly analyzes the weaknesses and strength of his enemy, and knows how to win the battle. He knows when to use subtlety. He knows when to use entreaty. He knows when to use ‘diplomacy’. He knows when to use veiled compromise. And he knows when to use strategy, even by proxy. Again, he knows when to adopt a transactional approach with minimal liability or collateral in order to achieve a higher pre-determined goal. And as a well-trained warrior, he also knows when to operate ‘under cover ‘, and adopt ‘guerilla-tude’. And like the lion, he squats with members of his pride, and patiently waits for the opportune time to pounce on, and devour all ‘enemies ‘ of ‘progress’ and ‘political advancement .’

People call him clueless. But so far, there is nothing showing that a man who knew what he wanted from the outset, and is pursuing the realization of his objective in the manner that promises him success, by his own definition of success, is really clueless. He has a clue, with a focus.

On the contrary or other hand, it is the rest of the people that appear clueless, for they do not have a proper sense of history, expecting a faithful fruit-bearing ‘apple tree’, to produce udala fruit.

I respect PMB.
a man of principle is a man of honour. PMB is a man of honour. A man whose actions can be predicted is the simplest man to deal with and handle. PMB is a man that can be predicted by his antecedents. Why do we, as a nation complain about such honourable, principled, unpretentious, predictable, and simple man? Why?
It is because we appear to be the lifeless ones. We are the clueless ones. We are the ‘uneducated ‘ ones. We are the ones without proper education and good sense of history.

I respect PMB.
Our President, Muhammadu Buhari is the man he has always been.
He never changed, never compromised, and never pretended between 31st December, 1983 and 27th August, 1985. And for the 12 years he was unwaveringly contesting for the presidency, he never changed, he never compromised, he never pretended.

His manner of relationship has always remained the same. His political interest and ideology have always remained the same. His idea of Nigeria has always remained the same. PMB is one of the very few men in present-day Nigerian politics who truly play the unmistakable POLITICS OF IDEOLOGY. And, ideology is never defined by morality. It is a personal-people thing, circumscribed by uncompromising objective and undaunted tenacity, pursuit and focal consciousness. The rest of them. Name them. From the East to the West, from the South to the North or the Middle-Belt, so to say, name them. They jump from house to house, from camp to camp, from bed to bed, from party to party and back to party. No principle, no ideology, no ‘honour.’
Everyone is moved by selfish political interest. PMB IS MOVED BY THE INTEREST OF ‘HIS’ PEOPLE. He does not compromise on that. He has never compromised on that. He will NEVER compromise on that. He cannot compromise on that.

I respect PMB.
There is nothing the so-called enlightened minds know about Buhari today that they did not know about him many years ago. The Soyinkas, the Utomis, the Obasanjos, the David-Wests, the Sanusis, the Atikus, the Sarakis, the Nnamanis, the apologists from the East, the foot soldiers from the South, the zealots from the North, the promoters from the West, the praise-singers from the ‘belt’ etc.

On appointments, Buhari remains the same. On ethnocentrism, he is the same. On nationalism, he has not changed.
Fellow Nigerians, is there anything PMB is doing today that is not in line with his style in leadership and politics? Is he really clueless.

I have only one fear: PMB rules as if there will be no tomorrow for ‘others’ to have another opportunity to govern Nigeria. He rules by ruling out the possibility of a future with ‘others’ at the helm of affairs. Is that part of his pre-determined goals? Then, that is very fearful and worrisome because it will involve unimaginable things to achieve such a goal.

But that is not the goal of a man who fought to keep Nigeria united. PMB fought for the unity of our country.

A man that has his focus on his chosen direction and destination is not really clueless. The point is, we either have lost sense of history, or are not discerning enough to know what those his chosen direction and destination are. AND, MANY WILL STILL REMAIN CLUELESS AND ‘UNEDUCATED’ EVEN BEYOND THIS DISPENSATION.


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